25/11/'20 - SPAIN  15 / 9  -  15 / 10 -  Locations: San Jose, Lorca,  Almeria - Playa de Mónsul, Natural Park Cabo de Gata , movie location Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Molinicos / Elche de la Sierra, Albacete

An isolated, but very memorable little road trip through Almeria, with family. Visited some famous film locations. Mar de plástico was intense, will go back soon and hopefully visit some of the workers homes.


Also lots of raking and prepping the land! I think we decided on a name for the plot - Almond AveNUE It will be a 'Third Place' where we (and you!) can do some serious forest bathing. Last month we fixed up the shed, did a lot of pruning and we have power now, yay! Next up, get a hot tub going. Got some shots of the plot right here


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