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​​Hi there! I'm a photographer, image maker and sometimes independent filmmaker. Nowadays my approach to photography is about building connections with the people I portrait and sharing more in-depth stories. I've honed my skills in a variety of styles, from street and film stills to my absolute favorite: portraiture on location. I owe my love for photography to my dad, a retired photographer who taught me how to work with artificial light. I went on to study documentary filmmaking at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam and spent a year abroad at The Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver. From there, I've worked in many different roles in the film industry, always enthusiastic by the process of bringing stories to life on screen. I'm also a camera person and worked on projects around the world. Together with Rogier van der Voort I started a production company for social change related films. Most recently we released Seeds of Permaculture, a 90-minute interactive documentary on, yes, permaculture. It's available to the world for free under creative commons on Youtube and has been widely appreciated.


The experience shifted the way we looked at the future and our 'freedom'. It provided us with a basis to a more integral life, how to have a more relevant relationship with nature and live life a little less influenced by our culture. Inspired by the people we met, we now own our own place in Spain and design it to be a 'Third Place' where people can really concentrate and come to themselves, their plans and ideas. I really recommend that you visit the place (or one like it) if my story resonated with you in some way.



Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to get in touch, always happy to discuss ideas and collaborations.

​A selection of printed work is available upon request, please contact via mail when interested. 

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