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Hi! I am a photographer / image maker and experienced in a variety of styles ranging from street, film stills up to  - probably my favorite: portraiture on location. The diversity of people in their homes, at work or outdoors makes this line of photography a joy.  My goal is to share more in-depth stories and spend quality time with the people I hope to photograph first.  I also work as a camera person and experienced in shooting all over the world. Past work also includes independent documentaries on social change, climate change and the perma-culture movement. 


My dad, a now retired photographer, taught me how to work with artificial light through his work mainly in the field of advertising. After graduating at the Art Academy in documentary filmmaking (WDKA, Rotterdam) and a year abroad at The Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, I worked many different types of jobs in the film industry. I have always loved to see how movies are made, my first on-set experiences were in the Art Department, but worked as production assistant, location scout and now as stills photographer. 

I love the connection with different people that photography and filmmaking brings and there are other things in life that do just that! Another big hobby is being in nature, discussing life. How so? Back in 2009 my SO and I decided to produce a film for people like ourselves; not really sure about the path we were on and seemed pretty much laid out. The experience and the people we met changed the way we looked at the future and our 'freedom'. It showed how to have a more relevant relationship with nature, not live in debt and 'create' more time. Living life less influenced by our dominating culture.

Producing Freedom Ahead and Seeds of Permaculture provided us with a basis to a more integral life. Inspired by the people we met while producing these films, we now own our own place in Spain, Almond Avenue. Once we’re settled we can start practicing a more integral and (part time) nomadic life more actively. We focus on independent productions and are currently designing Almond Avenue to be a 'Third Place' for the people we know and people that wish to live comfortably in nature several weeks or months a year. Almond Avenue will also accommodate AHOOHA as a studio and gathering / working place in nature. I really recommend that you visit the place if my story resonated with you in some way.



Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to get in touch, always happy to discuss ideas and collaborations.

​A selection of printed work is available upon request, please contact via mail when interested. 

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